Our Story

How it all started:

As a life-long farmer, Erin has always been conscientious about the food she puts on her kitchen table. As a single mother, she has always been an advocate for cleaner food options and fully supported the "Farm to Table" initiative. It is important to know your local farmer in order to know where your food comes from. Erin noticed that there was a lack of a quality source of grass fed beef, and quickly realized that she had a unique opportunity to be the farmer to fill this void in our community. In 2015 she expanded her already established business, Stony Creek Farm, to include grass fed beef. Erin obtained her ServSafe Certification and aquired her first herd of cattle and has had trouble keeping up with demand ever since!  

What's in store:

Coming soon!

Facts About our Grass Fed Beef

Better for Us


Did you know of the MANY nutritional benefits that are associated with grass fed beef? 

  1. Greater protein to build healthy muscle
  2. Lower in overall fat and cholesterol
  3. Higher levels of Omega-3, Beta Carotene,  Antioxidents (Vitamins A & E) and Minerals
  4. Higher levels of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which has been shown to fight cancer as well as heart disease
  5. Helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level

The Leaner Meat


Did you know that grass fed beef cooks faster than its store bought counterpart? This is because it has higher protein and less fat; ultimately requiring 30% less cooking time. Here are some cooking tips from the American Grassfed Association.

Better for the Environment


Research shows that grass raised cattle actually reduce our carbon footprint. We always strive to help our environment instead of hurt it. We are happy to say that grass fed cattle assist us by:

  1. Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Self manage and organically fertilize their own pastures which not only improves soil quality but also eliminates contaminated run-off and increases carbon sequestration
  3. Reduce pollution of water systems

Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished


Don't be fooled by the label. Our beef is ALWAYS grass-fed AND grass-finished. We believe in preserving the integrity of our grass-fed beef. Unlike some other producers who "finish" their cattle on grain to add bulk, our cattle have only been raised on a foraged diet. 

USDA Processed


Local, healthy, humane. All of our beef is processed in a USDA certified facility. It comes frozen, and cry-o-vac sealed to preserve optimal freshness. 

Where to Buy?


SCF Grass Fed Beef can be bought daily in our Farm Store from 8am - 6pm. It can also be found seasonally at nearby farmers markets, such as:

  • Swansea Farmers Market (Sunday's)
  • New Bedford Farmers Market (Thursday's)
  • Dorchester Winter Farmers Market (Saturday's)
  • Acushnet Farmers Market (Saturday's)


SCF Grass Fed Beef can now be found at The Marketplace at Simpson Springs! Take the short drive to check out all their Marketplace has to offer, and pick up some of their amazing Spring Water (did you know that the spring is the oldest in the country?), or their naturally crafted soda. Give yourself plenty of time to experience this historical site; you can even take a tour of the facility located at: 719 Washington Street, Easton, MA 02375.

Pure & Simple. 

Simpson Spring Company

The SCF "Box-O-Beef" Special

Our everyday special, and your best value! We will mix and match about a 20lb variety pack of usable cuts, inlcuding: steaks, roasts, ground beef, stew cubes, braising cuts, etc. for $200. Free local delivery available. 

2018 Price List

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