Petting Zoo Stroll


Open to the community during normal farm hours (8am-6pm), our petting zoo stroll is always free of charge. Bring the family and pack a lunch! Feel free to enjoy our picnic areas and observe the daily operations of a working farm. Be sure to check our our farm reminders, and photo gallery below.

Did you know?

While SCF primarily serves as an equestrian boarding facility; we are also a "sanctuary" for our farm animals. Most of the animals that you see in our petting zoo area are rescues, and have been taken in for a variety of reasons (unwanted, abused, neglected). Over the years SCF has taken in animals of all shapes and sizes. We are proud to not only be a safe haven for our animals, but also serve as a place for the community where visitors can come experience the farm life. 


Taking a stroll around our farm is always open to the community free of charge; but donations are accepted and appreciated. All proceeds go directly towards caring for our farm friends. (COMING SOON!--- want to donate in the meantime? Contact Erin directly to find out how). 


A Farm Friendly Reminder:

  • Smoking is never allowed on the farm.  
  • All animals are capable of kicking and biting, please give them their space and do not feed them your fingers. 
  • Never enter any animal enclosure. 
  • Many of our animals are on special diets, while they always appreciate a special snack... always ask first!
  • Please be considerate of our farm and animals - always pick up your trash.
  • While our animals are pretty desensitized, they don't want to listen to your children yell and scream either.
  • There is never any running allowed through the barns.
  • We are  an equestrian facility, and we take pride in caring for our clients horses. Please remember:

  1. Horses are flight animals and can easily be startled by sudden or unfamiliar sound and movement.
  2. Horses cannot see directly behind them.
  3. If you see a horse in the aisle-way please do not walk past without permission.
  4.  Again, all animals are capable of kicking and biting. 
  5. Please be conscious around all arena doorways if there is someone riding. 

Help Our Cause

Coming Soon!

 Your contributions will enable us to meet our future goals and continue to improve conditions for our animals. Your generous donations not only help the daily care of all petting zoo animals, but also supports our mission in being a farm for the community.

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